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What is the API Rate Limit?

To maintain quality of service (QoS) between all of our customers and ensure that no one can abuse our system, we apply a rate limit on the API. If you exceed the rate limit, your request will get temporarily rejected, and you will receive a 429 response. In every request's HTTP Headers, you can view your current rate request threshold.

Our current rate limit is 60 requests/minute.

Keep in mind this is a sliding window since it's duration-based. So, for example, if a request takes 5 seconds to process, 5 seconds would have been added back to the 60-second window during that duration. Another example is that if you make 10 requests in 10 seconds, your allowed threshold will be 50. If you don't make any for 10 more seconds, your allowed threshold will be back to 60.

Updated on: 27/01/2023

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